Likewolf: Electro Blues Guitar

Live music for a curious audience

Multi-instrumentalist Likewolf has been playing in bars and clubs for 40 years. Throughout the years, his musical inspirations, ranging from blues to house to bossa nova, have blended into a distinct and unique sound. The one man's band shows are spontaneous and packed with improvisations. No two performances are the same.

Musician with guitar and electronic instruments during live performance
Likewolf live in Paris

Everything comes from the Blues

"Rock ‘n’ Roll is a blending of black music - blues, and folk music from Europe. The new generations music will have a synthesis of those two elements and some third thing, that might rely heavily on electronics and tapes. I can kind of envision one person with a lot of machines, tapes and electronics set up."

Likewolf [NFT] Art is available through Artinvestment for Dummies